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Bradford White … Made for the Professionals

Michigan Made Water Heaters for… Michigan Commercial Developers

Contractors’ most frequently recommended water heater brand, Bradford White remains the number one choice of the plumbing professional. Made “Better” in Michigan, employee owned, they are the industry leader in technology providing the longest lasting, most efficient heaters on the market. With a focus on ease of installation and reliable performance, Bradford White knows their customer is their plumbing professional partner.  We would like to invite all Michigan Plumbers and mechanical contractors to tour our factory just south of Grand Rapids. Please contact us at the link below for more information.

Bradford White Product Features

Bradford White water heaters incorporate many exclusive features found nowhere else. For over 100 years, we have been developing, improving and redesigning literally thousands of components that, together, make up the finest water heating products you can find. Below you’ll see some of the most recognizable features developed by Bradford White specifically for the professional installer.

Ultra High Efficiency Water Heaters

Bradford White’s eF commercial water heaters offer a remarkable thermal efficiency rating as high as 99.1% – an unprecedented rating that makes these water heaters the most efficient in its class. Featuring an intelligent Honeywell Integrated Control System that has a proven design that combines temperature control, diagnostic codes, and system ignition functions into a single control board with a digital LCD display.  Utilizing Bradford White’s exclusive designs and technologies, the eF series outperforms the competition when it comes to installation flexibility, quiet operation and most importantly, efficiency. The ef ultra high efficiency commercial water heaters are… Made Better in Michigan!

Ultra High Efficiency Water Heaters